Counseling Centers

Located in Milford, Millsboro, Seaford and Smyrna, the Counseling Centers provide a wide array of services to children and adults including individual and family therapy and medication management.

Clients are either self-referrals or referrals by physicians and social service agencies.

Licensed mental health therapists provide a combination of therapy and specialize in depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and behavioral problems. 

Director of Treatment  Services

Beverly Lawson, LPCMH

Clinical Director

Stacie Smith, LCSW

Clinical Staff

  • Stacie Smith, LCSW, Milford
  • Joseph Zingaro, Ph.D. , Milford
  • Berjees Mukhtar, M.D., Telepsychiatry Smyrna and Milford
  • Janet Bledsoe, N.P., Milford
  • Tina Fountain, Ph.D., Smyrna
  • Kristen Robust, Psy..D., Milford and Millsboro
  • Sheryl Winsby, Ph.D., Milford
  • C. Stuart Johnson, LPCMH, Milford and Seaford
  • Rebecca Caswell-Wade, LCSW, Milford and Smyrna
  • Kathy Finkle, LPCMH, Milford and Millsboro
  • Kathy Nichols, LCSW, Milford and Millsboro
  • Stacy Wright, LPCMH, Smyrna
  • Anna Sweetman, LPCMH, Smyrna
  • Crystal Conley, LCSW, Milford
  • Susan Donges, LCSW, Milford and Millsboro
  • Rebecca Brandt, LCSW, Milford
  • John Mucha, LCSW, Milford
  • Angela  Cox, LPCMH, Milford and Smyrna
  • Elizabeth Kuneman, Psy.D., Milford and  Millsboro (Services offered in Spanish)
  • Linda Newton, LPCMH, Milford
  • Patti Reposa, NP, Telemedicine Millsboro
  • Heidi Poore, NP, Telemedicine Milford and Millsboro
  • John Hayes, LPCMH, Milford and Millsboro
  • Barbara Stanley, NP, Milford
  • Krista Schirmer, School Based Counselor
  • Lorraine Nasir, School Based Counselor



Milford Office
1131 Airport Road
Milford, DE 19963
(302) 422-8026    Directions

Millsboro Office
30265 Commerce Drive, Suite 201
Millsboro, DE 19966
(302) 934-0300    Directions

Seaford Office
350 Virginia Avenue
Seaford, DE  19973
(302) 422-8026    Directions

Smyrna Office
32 S. Main Street
Smyrna, DE 19977
(302) 653-2341    Directions


Fax Number for all Counseling Center locations:  (302) 422-0701,

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