Expert Response on Why Janay Rice Stays

posted Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

In response to the release of the shocking Ray Rice video and the subseqent response from his wife Janay Rice, Cherelyn Homlish, LCSW explains why domestic violence victims stay.  Ms. Homlish explains that most abusive relationships don't start off that way. This provides ample time for the victim to fall in love with their abuser.  Women stay for a number of reasons; they are committed to the relationship, they feel they are the only one that understands the partner, they have children together, they have no outside support, no financial means to support themselves, or are afraid of what may happen when they leave. 

Please click the link below to watch the interview in its entirety.

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Cherelyn Homlish, Associate Director of People's Place in Milford, Delaware sits down with WRDE Coast TV to discuss domestic violence issue after Ray Rice video was released

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